Pet Shop for all your pet supplies on the Mornington Peninsula

At Rye Produce & Nursery Pet Shop we cater to the general and specific needs of many different pets that live in the Mornington Peninsula. We have a great range of pet supplies and accessories to make any beloved pet feel safe, happy, and stylish!


We stock a range of :

  • Gold Fish & Supplies (tanks, food, accessories)
  • Cat Litter & Trays/Boxes
  • Pet Collars & Leads (ezy dog/Rogz/beau pets
  • Pet Harnesses
  • Dog Coats
  • Dog Training Aids
  • Puppy Cages
  • Pet Cages (regular and airline approved)
  • Bird Cages & Accessories
  • Pet Toys (Kong/ rogz/,)
  • Scratch Poles
  • Fish Food (Australian dried flakes and pettets)
  • Turtle food (Frozen & Dry)
  • Pet Bowls
  • Pet feeders
  • Animal Grooming Supplies
  • Animal Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Flea Treatments  (Advantage/nexgaurd)
  • Flea & Worm Treatments (AdvocateRevolution, Sentinel,)
  • Worm Treatments (fidos, Aristopet)
  • Rapi-Gel (arthritic joint, muscle repair and pain relief ointment)


DIY Pet Hydrobath

We have a hydrobath dog wash available on site at Rye Produce & Nursery. We charge by the dog, and the cost includes shampoo –  you just need to bring a towel.  We also have a flea rinse available on request at a small surcharge.


Pet Bedding, Kennels & Hutches

At Rye Produce & Nursery, we also stock a range of dog kennels and animal hutches from:


And a range of pet beds and futons from:

We are a PET friendly shop, so feel free to bring your pet in during the day to size up your new bed, collar, kennel, dog coat, etc.


Please click the manufacturers links to view their range and call 0359854282 or pop in, to find availability of products you're after.